Take the Pledge to Protect Construction Worker Safety and Health

I pledge that my company will take all reasonable steps to increase awareness of threats throughout the construction industry and to protect employees in my company and on my worksites. My company commits to implementing a prevention, preparedness and response plan that includes practicable engineering and administrative control measures to prevent injuries and disease and safeguard total human health.

Companies Have Signed the Pledge. Will You Join Them?

These Companies Have Signed the Pledge

Service Unlimited Inc.
sun construction
STC Sacety Training & Compliance
Safety Priority Consultants, LLC
Stansell Electric
SC&A Construction, Inc
Smucker Company
Sprinklermatic Fire Potection Systems, Inc.
SR Construction
Service Unlimited Inc
SLAM Construction Services
Sarazin General Contractors, Inc.
Stedfast Construction, inc
S&S Structures, Inc.
SKIS Painting, Inc
Starcon International, Inc.
Sparky Electric Inc.
Sausal Corporation
Superior Mechanical
Stinson Electric Inc.
SDV Construction, Inc.
Structural Associates, Inc
Stutts Corporation
S 3 Plumbing & Mechanical LLC
Silvertip, Inc.
Southland Concrete
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